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What is BEMER for horses?

Bemer uses PEMF technology to deliver the patented BEMER SIGNAL (waveform) into the body. It works from the inside out and regulates the horse's body on the cellular level where the horse's metabolic processes take place – cells in every part of their body (organs, bones, tissue and skin) are supplied with nutrients through increased bloodflow and oxygen that enables them to fulfill their tasks- and metabolic waste products are removed for disposal. Put simply, healthy microcirculation is essential to your horse’s all-around well-being.

What does BEMER do for my horse?​

  • Improves microcirculation & vasomotion

  • Increases oxygen, and nutrient absorption

  • Faster removal of waste disposal in the cells and body

  • Promotes regeneration

  • Increased physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy

  • Helps improve suppleness

  • Speeds up recovery process after injury or surgery

  • Stress reduction and regulation of the nervous system

In Summery:

Increased performance, faster recovery and regeneration after exercise or competition , reduction of tissue damage and faster recovery after injury!  

BEMER is scientifically proven with no negative side effects, non-invasive and thus safe to use. As a result, the horse's body can work more efficiently to heal itself, and feel more energetic.

BEMER is an FEI approved supportive therapy.

Want a BEMER Horse Set for yourself? 
For more information regarding my affiliation with BEMER, please click the link below:

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